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Stainless steel portable folding catering table MultiTabel, an innovative concept.

                                    catering table

This table liberates you from lifting and dragging unwieldy, large, and heavy tables. One person can easily manipulate and set up the table.

The MultiTafel portable inox catering table concept has the following advantages:

Easily maneuverable, foldable, lightweight, movable on wheels (requires ordering), expandable with various trays, sets up in 1 minute, and skirted as desired.

  • When folded, the table occupies a space of only 96 x 80 x 10 cm (37.80 x 31.50 x 3.94 inches).
  • Unfolded, the dimensions are 192 x 80 x 90 cm (75.59 x 31.50 x 35.43 inches).
  • The multiTafel can be delivered in a storage bag, upon request


Cutlery Grabber - Cutlery Saver

cutlery saviorAn average of 300 to 675 euro, this is the annual loss of cutlery. No less than 6.4 million knives, spoons, forks and teaspoons go lost. To overcome this problem, there is the Cutlery Grabber.

Restaurants, hotels, Bistro that use the CutleryGrabber - cutlery savior, scale back the loss of cutlery with 80 to 90% and cut back sharply in this way unnecessary costs.


Do you have the right chair?

When performing written work, we often shift to the edge of our chair so we can sit up straighter and reduce the load on our lower back muscles. This results in a space that is too small to sit on and consequently too much pressure on the skin. What's more, in this position, we can't use the armrests anymore, nor do we have any support for our back. A chair with its seat and back tilted forwards will prevent these problems. The back support assumes the load on the lower back muscles. If you add armrests with adjustable height and width, you will also prevent a static load on the neck and shoulder muscles.

BMA developed the Axia ESD. The chair is fully conductive, preventing damage to electronic equipment from even minor static discharges.   The Axia ESD is perfectly suited for implementation in highly critical ESD environments such as the electronics industry, and is available in the following versions: Axia Flex, Axia Pro, Axia Plus and Axia Office. 

Besides guaranteed safe ESD working, the Axia ESD has all the characteristics of an ergonomic office chair.   The Axia ESD is an ergonomic chair that complies with the IEC 61340-5-1:2002 standard for an ESD-safe



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MultiTafel, an innovative concept.

10 December 2009

The word multiTafel readily tells you the type of product you are already dealing with here. A table that can be used multi-functionally.

You need a table for a fair or an exhibition. Or a display table for presentation in small spaces or for private demonstrations. For an event, you require a console table. For the catering business, additional work or storage space in the kitchen is needed. The table is also very suitable for use on location.

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